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National Coverage

Customer information is the primary objective of the activity of our company. New technologies applied to telecommunications and warehouse management, along with a specialized team, it allows you to look to the future with strength and provide a service with the maximum guarantee in the supply chain.  

The real-time status of their uploads and downloads is another added service for better control. It is for this reason that Torres Logistics and Transport has the most modern technologies for both its facilities and business management. It has its own global positioning system (GPS) that allows faster in daily communication with their customers, thereby achieving a more efficient service.

We have a proven experience in all sectors and in all kinds of products: automotive, manufacturing, textil, food and beverage, consumer, retail, construction materials, electronics, paper and printing, chemical ...

We have a network transport ADR drivers specifically trained in handling dangerous goods packed and advanced Reverse Logistics.


Logotipo de área de cliente plataforma en construcción

Customer area under construction